Filling my life with things that are good to me

January 2023

Can you believe that we’re approaching the end of January already? This month is flying by! I probably say that every year, by the way, as for me it’s…
Changing things and not waiting for a better time
Trying to get rid of my TBR again
A very needed one after a full week
Looking for a hammer, frustration and the life I want to live
The quiet, nagging thoughts and the need for rest.
Big hopes and good intentions
Not really a morning story, but it's 1st of January and the morning comes later on this day.

December 2022

Hairline fractures and imperfections
Writing everything down, notebooks, slowing down and Neil Gaiman
Just when I discovered that the rhythm to my days was good for me, I caught a cold and am spending my days on the sofa since. Tomorrow I go back to work…